Launching the 2015 ISRSF Best Essay!

Posted: 09-02-2016 | ISRSF
Category: berita

This book contains the best essays that displayed excellence in the three national essay competitions ISRSF conducted in 2015.The centerpiece of ISRSF’s current work is the Arryman Fellows program, which sends talented young Indonesians to Northwestern University in Chicago, USA, to pursue doctoral studies in the social sciences and humanities.

ISRSF sponsors essay competitions as a recruiting instrument to attract the attention of bright Indonesians who may not have heard of the Arryman program. Our Foundation wants to find the most promising, talented, and committed young students who are inclined to pursue a life-long devotion to teaching, research, and scholarship. What better way than a national essay competition to find some of Indonesia’s best writers and analysts?

The top essays in each category receive a cash prize. But one of the greatest benefits of winning these competitions is a guaranteed interview in the Arryman Fellows selection process if the winners decide to apply.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who wrote essays and participated in all aspects of these essay competitions. We hope you enjoy reading these short writings, and perhaps they will inspire some of you to join the essay competition later in 2016 and become an Arryman Fellow as well!