About the Foundation

The Indonesian Scholarship and Research Support Foundation (ISRSF), or Yayasan Beasiswa dan Dukungan Penelitian Indonesian, is a unique organization initiated by a number of Indonesian and American scholars who are committed to cultivating scholars and scholarship in and for Indonesia.  The Foundation was established in 2012, commencing its operations as an Indonesian philanthropic, non-profit, and non-partisan Foundation. ISRSF is devoted to creating a pool of world-class, committed, and dedicated Indonesian scholars trained at top-tier universities and funded by Indonesian donors, who are predominantly corporate and philanthropic foundations.  ISRSF is a pioneer in raising private funds locally in Indonesia to support the training of Indonesia’s future scholars at leading universities.

In addition to training a new generation of world-class Indonesian academics, ISRSF also supports on-going research and scholarship through the IFAR Consortium.  Our goal is knowledge creation with societal engagement and impact. ISRSF believes that the educational seeds we are planting now will bear fruit for generations to come. 

Board of Directors
Irfan R Hutagalung, SH, LLM. (Chairman)
Sondang Frishka Simanjuntak, SH, LLM. (Secretary)
Ethika Fitriani, SE, MM (Treasurer)


Fardila Astari, SS, M.Si (Programs and Communications)