Advancing Research Excellence: Arryman Scholars from Northwestern University Shine at a Presentation

Posted: 13-05-2024 | ISRSF
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Jakarta, May 13th,  2024 - The Indonesian Scholarship and Research Support Foundation (ISRSF) and the Institutes for Advanced Research (IFAR) Consortium are pleased to announce the successful presentation of dissertations by Arryman Scholars  before IFARs recruitment committee. The event was held on Tuesday, 7 May 2024, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Dr. Yoes Kenawas: Pioneering Research on Political Dynasties in Indonesia

Posted: 29-04-2024 | ISRSF
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Jakarta, April 29, 2024- The Indonesian Scholarship and Research Support Foundation (ISRSF) is proud to announce the successful dissertation defense of Dr. Yoes Kenawas, who presented his groundbreaking research titled "Dynasty Inc.: The Emergence and Endurance of Political Dynasties in Indonesia." Dr. Kenawas's dissertation was passed "as is" and was awarded Distinction by unanimous vote of the committee.

Dr. Kadek Wara Urwasi's Dissertation Successfully Defended with Honors

Posted: 17-04-2024 | ISRSF
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Jakarta, April 17, 2023 - The Indonesian Scholarship and Research Support Foundation (ISRSF) extends heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Wara Urwasi for the successful defense of her dissertation in sociology at Northwestern University. Her thesis, titled "Interests, Power, and Ideas: The Politics of Urban Informality Governance in Jakarta, 1945-2022," was passed "as is" with no required revisions, a rare achievement in academia.

ISRSF and LPEM UI Sign Cooperation Agreement for IFAR Office Establishment

Posted: 03-04-2024 | ISRSF
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Jakarta, April 1, 2024 - The Indonesian Scholarship and Research Support Foundation (ISRSF) and the Institute for Economic and Social Research (LPEM UI) at the University of Indonesia (UI) have officially established a Cooperation Agreement to establish the IFAR office at LPEM named IFAR LPEM UI. This cooperation aligns with the core purpose of IFAR, which is to elevate Indonesian academia's global recognition through academic publications.

The Heart of London: My Early Days at SOAS University of London as an Arryman Scholar

Posted: 09-10-2023 | ISRSF

Hi! My name is Syarifah Namira Fitrania (Namira), and I am honoured to be one of the recipients of Arryman Scholarship 2023. It has been a month since I arrived in London and enjoyed all of the courses of economic policy at SOAS University of London (UoL). On this occasion, I would like to share some of my stories during the last few months leading up to my departure to London and the first months of college.


ISRSF Conducts the 11th Arryman Symposium at Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII)

Posted: 03-07-2023 | ISRSF
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Jakarta,  June 13,  2023 - The Indonesian Scholarship and Research Support Foundation (ISRSF) once again conducted its 11th annual Arryman Symposium.


“Unlike previous symposia, which were always hosted by ISRSF, this symposium is very special, because Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII) or Indonesian International  Islamic  University is acting as the host, through The Institute for Advanced Research (IFAR) of UIII, a member of the IFAR Consortium,” said Irfan Hutagalung, Head of ISRSF and Chairman of IFAR Consortium, Tuesday (6/13 ).

ISRSF Announces Two Awardees of Arryman Scholarship to SOAS University of London

Posted: 26-06-2023 | ISRSF
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Arryman Scholarship Awardees

Jakarta,  June 13, 2023 – The Indonesian Scholarship and Research Support Foundation (ISRSF) announced two awardees of Arryman Scholarship 2023 to SOAS University of London, United Kingdom, at its 11th annual Arryman Symposium.  

ISRSF and UIII Officially Signed MoU and Cooperation Agreement to Establish IFAR

Posted: 05-01-2023 | ISRSF
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On 14 December 2022, MoU and PKS signing event with the Rector of Universitas Islam International Indonesia (UIII), Prof. Komaruddin Hidayat and the Chairman of ISRSF, Irfan Hutagalung, both signing the cooperation agreement to establish IFAR UIII, supported by ISRSF.

Institute for Advanced Research (IFAR)

Posted: 04-02-2022 | ISRSF
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On February 2, 2022, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (Atma Jaya University) with the support of ISRSF launched the Institute for Advanced Research (IFAR) Atma Jaya. In the picture, The Rector of Atma Jaya University, Dr. Agustinus Prasetyantoko and ISRSF Director, Irfan Hutagalung signed the cooperation agreement establishing IFAR Atma Jaya which ISRSF supports.

Arryman Accomplishments

Posted: 29-06-2021 | ISRSF
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Rahardhika Utama, PhD Candidate, Sociology: awarded the 2021 Hayward R. Alker Best Student Paper Award for his paper titled, "Politics of Memory, Underdevelopment, and Remnants of Political Violence in the Sumatra Rubber Belt" from the Interpretive Methodologies and Methods group at the American Political Science Association (APSA). The Hayward R. Alker award recognizes the APSA conference paper by a Ph.D. student that best demonstrates the uses of interpretive methodologies and methods for the study of the politics. Read an interview with Dhika here