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Posted: 03-10-2015 | ISRSF
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US Education Fair September was a very busy month for ISRSF! On top of our endeavors at UI and Andalas University, we also attended the US Graduate School Fair 2015. This event was organized jointly by the US Embassy and LPDP. It was held twice, first on the 17th of September at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Jogjakarta and at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and @America, Jakarta on the 19th. The fair was held because currently  only 20% of LPDP awardees get accepted at universities in the United States. With that in mind, the US Graduate School Fair’s goal was to increase acceptance rate of Indonesians, especially to top tier universities.

ISRSF was there to represent one of those top universities in the United States, Northwestern University. Northwestern is currently ranked #12 in the US and #32 in the world, which means that the university has leading faculty and facilities, and attracts the very best students from the US and around the world.

Even for US applicants, it is extremely difficult to get admitted to such a top-tier university. It is even harder for students applying from places like Indonesia. For graduate programs, there are usually more than twenty applicants for each position available in the entering class. The competition is fierce!

This is why ISRSF and the Arryman Fellows program are so unique. We have built a very special relationship with Northwestern University. Students apply to the Arryman program first in Jakarta, and interviews are conducted in Indonesia. If you are selected for the Arryman program and are sent to Northwestern for one year of preparation and transition, your chances of getting admitted to a doctoral program of your choice jumps from only 5% to almost 80%.

No other program available to applicants in Indonesia provides this kind of “portal” into one of the leading universities in the world. This was our main message to the many students we met during the education fair. If you want to aim very high and if you qualify as a top student in Indonesia, ISRSF and the Arryman program offer the best chance for becoming a world-class academic and scholar when you return to Indonesia after your studies.

At Jogjakarta, we were barraged by interested

If you missed these events in September, don’t worry. Just navigate your way through our website to find out more about the 2016 Arryman Fellows program and how you can also qualify for an Arryman Fellowship through our essay competitions! Or shoot us an email at or Best of luck to all of you!

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