ISRSF Announces Two Awardees of Arryman Scholarship to SOAS University of London

Posted: 26-06-2023 | ISRSF
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Arryman Scholarship Awardees

Jakarta,  June 13, 2023 – The Indonesian Scholarship and Research Support Foundation (ISRSF) announced two awardees of Arryman Scholarship 2023 to SOAS University of London, United Kingdom, at its 11th annual Arryman Symposium.  

“Today we are celebrating two special events. In addition to holding the 11th Arryman Symposium for the first time in Indonesia Islamic International University or Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia (UIII), today we also grant a new round of    Arryman Scholarship to two talented young Indonesian,  Syarifah Namira Fitrania from Bogor and Alnick Muhammad Nathan from D.I Yogyakarta for combined MA/PhD degrees in economics and policy at SOAS University of London, one of leading academic institutions in England.,”  said Irfan Hutagalung, Head of ISRSF and Chairman of IFAR Consortium, Tuesday (13/6).


Prof. Jeffrey Winters, Head of ISRSF Board of Trustees , explained that ISRSF has a strong mission of recruiting talented youth and providing them with scholarships from and for Indonesia to promote the advancement of higher education and research in this country.


“The selection process is rigorous, beginning from arduous administrative selection followed by an interview,.  Before the Arryman Scholarship were activated , they had to first be accepted at SOAS University of London. We chose two of the best from so many  applicants, " Jeffrey proudly said.


ISRSF Foundation was established in 2012 and began its operations as a philanthropic, non-profit, and non-partisan organization. One of ISRSF’s missions is  to facilitate the creation of a new group of world-class Indonesian academics committed and dedicated to studying in top, global universities.


“In 2024, we will open this Arryman Scholarship to SOAS University of London again. I hope many more first rate young Indonesians  will apply  for this great  opportunity,” added Irfan.


Namira said she was delighted to receive this Arryman Scholars opportunity at SOAS, London. “This is my dream campus”, said Namira.


“I am very grateful to have the opportunity of receiving the Arryman Scholars and am committed to learning diligently”, said Alnick enthusiastically.

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