2019 Arryman Symposium

Posted: 30-06-2019 | ISRSF
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2019 Arryman Fellows Symposium,Jakarta 21 June 2019 The 2019 Arryman Symposium organized by the Indonesian Research Support and Scholarship Foundation (ISRSF) was held on Friday 21 June 2019 at the Sequis Auditorium, Jakarta.. The Symposium is held annually as an opportunity to present the results of research and hard work by Arryman Fellows who has studied for one year at Northwestern University, USA.

The centerpiece of ISRSF’s current work is the Arryman Fellows program, which sends talented young Indonesians to Northwestern University in Chicago, USA, to pursue doctoral studies in the social sciences and humanities. Our Foundation wants to find the most promising, talented, and committed young students who are inclined to pursue a life-long devotion to teaching, research, and scholarship. ISRSF’s endeavor to make sure Indonesia’s most serious young intellectuals come forward and walk through the door we have opened to do their doctorate at Northwestern, one of the leading universities in the US. We believe higher education and the cultivation of new scholars is an important part of the struggle to give Indonesia a fair and equal voice in education and public life across Indonesia. This year, three doctoral students will present their papers with a focus on:

  • Febi Rizki Ramadhan: “The Conspicuous Face of Punishment: Spectatorship and Public Governance in Public Caning in Aceh, Indonesia”
  • Atmaezer H. Simanjuntak: “Making God and the Devil: Commodity Fetishism and Capitalist Desire in a West Kalimantan Palm Oil Plantation”
  • Eunike G. Setiadarma: “Cultivating Pembangunan: Rice and the Intellectual History of Agricultural Development in Indonesia, 1945 - 65”

2018 Arryman Fellows Paper can be obtained here

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