ISRSF Essay Competition Winners 2017

Posted: 13-02-2018 | ISRSF
Category: berita


The Indonesian Scholarship and Research Support Foundation organized two Essay Competition in 2017. The Foundation received many brilliant essays that were well written and very competitive.

After careful consideration, and based on assessments applying equal criteria for each essay submitted, the Panel of Judges for the History Essay Competition and Essay Competition for Indonesian Women Authors decided the Essay Winners.

The Panel of Judges found these essays to be distinguished for their important subject matter, evidence of significant research, their original thought and perspective, and the elegant style of the writing.

In addition to these winning essays, the Panel of Judges also selected three essays for each category for “Honorable Mention.” These impressive writings also displayed tremendous skill and talent in writing and research.

The Panel of Judges would like to extend their hearty congratulations to the prize winners, as well as to the writers receiving an honorable mention for their written work.

ISRSF is very happy to all writer work hard on their essay and make this competition a success. For all writer who submit very nice and interesting essays but was not selected for a prize. The Foundation holds another essay writing competition in the future, we very much hope you will try again!

Once again, our warmest congratulations!