2016 Arryman Symposium

Posted: 15-07-2016 | ISRSF
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On the 24th of June 2016, ISRSF proudly presented the fourth annual 2016 Arryman Symposium at the Ford Foundation Auditorium, Jakarta. The Symposium was intended to present the researches done by the 2015 Arryman Fellows, Sindhunata Hargyono with his paper titled, Buru Island: Prism of the Indonesian New Order and Norman Joshua Soelias with his paper titled, The Failure of Indonesia’s State Oil Monopoly: The Pertamina Crisis of 1975-1978.

This year’s event was opened with opening remarks by Professor Jeffrey Winters, Chairman Board of Trustees ISRSF, Mr. David Hulse of Ford Foundation, and Dr. Jay Walsh, the Vice President for Research Northwestern University. There was also an announcement that ISRSF and Northwestern University have started a cooperation with LPDP followed by our recognition of the donors who have been supporting our cause since 2012. These includes PT Djarum, Adaro, PT Bank Central Asia, AKR (Aneka Kimia Raya), Rajawali Foundation, Ford Foundation, William Suryadjaja Foundation, and the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Education.

The main event of the day is of course the presentation, in which Shindu did with Dr. Bhaskara T. Wardaya as the discussant and Norman with Dr. Andrinof A. Chaniago as his discussant. During the discussion after the presentation, there are also a number of questions from the member of the audience and even from Prof. Winters himself. The discussion has brought new perspectives and critiques for both Shindu and Norman for them to bring back to Northwestern in continuing their studies for the future. Their brilliant works have been recognized as both of them have been accepted to the History Department for Norman and the Anthropology Department for Shindu. This achievement also meant that they are now officially Arryman Scholars.

After the presentation, as per usual, it was time to introduce the 2016 Arryman Fellows to the audience. This year’s fellows are a bit special because it is the most that ISRSF will be sending. There are 6 bright scholars with 4 women, which is the fruit of our effort in gathering Indonesian women scholars in the last year. They will be departing for Chicago right after the Eid celebration to start their journey as Arryman Fellows.

Lastly, to appreciate the efforts and support that many people have given ISRSF for the past four years. There was a special appreciation for Friends of ISRSF as we with for their continued support for years to come. The event was closed with breaking the day’s fast and a dinner service.

Do you want to be one of those who we will present as the 2017 Arryman Fellows? Navigate our website to find out the requirements and more information on the scholarship. Good luck and see you next year!