UI Career and Scholarship Expo XX

Posted: 01-10-2015 | ISRSF
Category: berita

UI Career and Scholarship Expo XXThe search for the 2016 Arryman Fellows continues as ISRSF headed to the University of Indonesia from the 17th to 19th of September for the UI Career and Scholarship Expo XX. The event, which is held twice every year, is intended to facilitate fresh graduates in starting their careers, either in getting themselves their job or going for higher education. Not only for UI graduates, the UI CSE XX was also open for public, which resulted in a high number of attendees to fill up a packed Balairung for three straight days!

From the first day, the ISRSF booth was visited by a lot of eager Arryman Fellow hopefuls. The huge turn out didn’t let up on the second day and even more on the last day. The UI CSE XX was truly a success for us, as we met a lot of great people with great passion to be scholars. They not only asked for information on how to become the next Arryman Fellows, but also on how to prepare themselves to compete in our essay competitions. The turn out and interest in the Arryman Fellowship was so enthusiastic, in fact, that we manage to completely run out of brochures on the last day! Let’s hope that this means a lot excellent essays and applications are on their way!

Check out our website, isrsf.org on how you can participate on the essay competitions and apply for the 2016 Arryman Fellowship. Be quick! The deadline is approaching fast.

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