The 2014 Arryman Symposium

Posted: 06-07-2014 | ISRSF
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The 2014 Arryman Symposium was held on June 21, 2014, at the Ford Foundation Auditorium in Jakarta.

This year’s Arryman Fellows presented the following academic papers:

  • Luthfi Adam: “Transformation of Dress and National Subject Formation of Indonesian People in the Colonial Period.” The discussant of his paper is Prof. Manneke Budiman, University of Indonesia.
  • Muhammad Fajar: “The Durability of Sub-national Political Leaders in Post-authoritarian Indonesia.” The discussant of his paper is Prof. Edward Gibson, Northwestern University.
  • Najmu Sopian: “Power Struggle over Land: Decentralization, Land Tenure Security, and the Rule of Law in Indonesia.” The discussant of her paper is Prof. William Hurst, Northwestern University.
  • Rahardhika Utama: “The Impact of Bureaucratic Clientelism on Inequality, the Cases of Post-authoritarian Indonesia.” The discussant of his paper is Prof. Jordan Gans-Morse, Northwestern University.

These papers provided a range of important insights and sparked interesting questions and comments from the discussants and the audience.  We thank everyone who attended for making this event so successful!

In addition to the academic parts of the program, the Symposium also included some important announcements and ceremonies.  ISRSF proudly announced that all four of the Fellows listed above were admitted to doctoral programs at Northwestern University, as was Hipolitus Ringgi, a 2012 Arryman Fellow.  In recognition of this achievement, ISRSF awarded these five students the status of Arryman Scholar.

ISRSF also officially announced its new Arryman Fellows.  This year they are Kadek Wara Urwasi, Sabina Puspita Satriyani, and Yoes Chandra Kenawas.  Our warmest congratulations to our new Arryman Fellows and Scholars!

Another important part of the Symposium is the ceremony recognizing our family of donors who make this major educational initiative possible.  Certificates of appreciation were presented to PT Adaro, PT AKR Corporindo, PT Bank Central Asia, PT Djarum, the Ford Foundation, the Rajawali Foundation, and the William Soeryadjaya Foundation.  We are sincerely grateful to all of you!

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