President Morton Schapiro of Northwestern University Visits Jakarta

Posted: 21-04-2013 | ISRSF
Category: berita

President Northwestern University Morton Schapiro – accompanied by Vice-President for Alumni Relations and Development Robert McQuinn and Vice-President for Research Jay Walsh – visited Jakarta from April 2 to 6, 2013. The visit aims at bringing Northwestern University closer to Asia and Indonesia in particular. During a-five day visit, President Schapiro hosted a reception for Northwestern alumni, parents and students in Jakarta, at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, on April 4.

President Schapiro met with Mr. Peter Chambers of the Rajawali Foundation on April 3, 2013. The Rajawali Foundation is one of Northwestern University’s benefactors. The foundation offers a renewable $2 million gift to create a new Equality Development and Globalization Studies Program (EDGS), enhancing the University’s role in research on developing countries. In addition, President Schapiro and his two vice-presidents had various meetings with prominent alumni. President Schapiro gave media interview on economics of higher education in the United States. Prof. Jeffrey Winters – the Director of EDGS and the Chair of ISRSF (Indonesian Scholarship and Research Support Foundation) Board of Trustees – facilitated the visit.


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