2014 Announcement of Arryman Fellows

Kadek Wara Urwasi plans to study urban sociology during her first year as an Arryman Fellow at Northwestern University.  She is interested in the problem of social conflict and its roots in urban planning and design.  Wara’s theoretical and research interests in this field come via her education in architecture.  She took her first degree at Udayana University in Denpasar, Bali, and her master’s in architecture and urban design at the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi, India (receiving First Class with Distinction).  Wara is also an award winning writer and poet.  Among the many scholarships and fellowships she has won, in 2012 she was awarded an Asian Public Intellectual (API) Fellowship from the Nippon Foundation to conduct research on the cultural landscape of urban design in Japan and Malaysia.


Sabina Satriyani Puspita plans to study comparative politics in Northwestern’s department of political science.  Sabina’s facility in Indonesian, English, and especially Mandarin equips her with unique skills to conduct comparative research on countries in Southeast and Northeast Asia.  Her interests lie at the intersection of democratization, political institutions, and representation.  She is especially fascinated with the role of the modern ombudsman, an institution created in China over 2,000 years ago by rulers of the Qin and Han dynasties.  Sabina perfected her command of Mandarin during her studies at Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages in Kaoshiung, Taiwan, where she graduated with honors.  She works in the Public Affairs Division of the Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Jakarta.  She is eager to apply her skills and experience to her research focused on such diverse countries as Indonesia, China, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Malaysia.


Yoes Chandra Kenawas will examine the recent emergence of oligarchic dynasties at the sub-national level in Indonesia.  This is a first step toward his goal of producing broader comparative and theoretical insights in the literature on oligarchic and elite politics and their intersection with various forms of democracy.  He arrived at this topic after first engaging in extensive research on democratization, party institutions, political communication, and elections (including as a consultant in political campaigns).  Yoes did his undergraduate studies at Parahyangan Catholic University in Bandung, Indonesia.  His master’s degree in Asian Studies is from the S. Rajaratman School of International Studies at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (which also gave him a prestigious Research Analyst Study Award).  The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs named him a 1st Prize ASEAN-Indonesian Youth Ambassador.  Yoes teaches at his almamater in Bandung and is also a research associate at the Centre for Innovation, Policy, and Governance in Jakarta.

Chairman's speech

I am delighted to announce that this year ISRSF received funding to select three new Fellows. Our 2014 donors were Bank BCA, PT Djarum, and our newest supporter PT AKR Corporindo Tbk. Our warmest thanks for their commitment to education for some Indonesia's brightest young talent!

ISRSF is very proud to announce the selection of three new Arryman Fellows who will depart to USA in July to begin their studies toward a PhD at Northwestern University.

They are Kadek Wara Urwasi, Sabina Satriyani Puspita, and Yoes Chandra Kenawas.

ISRSF received hundreds of applications for these three Arryman Fellow awards. The talent in this group was very impressive.  We offer our thanks to everyone who applied.

The 2014 Fellows will join six of their colleagues already at Northwestern University sent by ISRSF in 2012 and 2013.  Congratulations to our new Fellows, welcome to the Arryman family, and success in your studies!

Jeffrey A. Winters
Chairman of ISRSF Board of Trustees
Professor of Politics

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    Arryman Fellows Selection Committee 2014 - Prof. Jeffrey Winters (Northwestern University), Prof. Mochtar Mas'oed (FISIP-University Gajah Mada), Prof.Dr. Melani Budianta (FIB-University of Indonesia),
    Mr. Benny Subianto (ISRSF-Executive Director), Prof. Jonathan Pincus (The Executive Director of the Center for Public Policy Transformation)
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    Arryman Fellows & Scholar
    Have fun at China Town right after the exam week.
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    One day trip visiting Indonesian students in the Northern Illinois University at Dekalb.
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    Winter at Northwestern University

What is ISRSF? ISRSF Foundation Profile

The Indonesian Scholarship and Research Support Foundation’s main objective is to cultivate a new generation of world-class Indonesian scholars and provide on-going support for innovative research and knowledge on important societal issues. ISRSF believes that a deliberate effort focused on producing committed scholars will significantly increase the number of Indonesian academics who are not only devoted to teaching, but also to path-breaking research and publication. To achieve this important goal, ISRSF will recruit, train, and graduate twenty innovative scholars focused mainly in the social sciences, but also doctorates in law, business, journalism and communications, and development studies. Each year until 2016 we will select four talented Indonesians who show great potential to become leading scholars. These Arryman Fellows will spend one year conducting research, studying English intensively, and taking graduate classes for credit in preparation for doctoral studies. Arryman Fellows are then eligible to receive six-year awards from ISRSF as Arryman Scholars to pursue their Ph.D at Northwestern University in Chicago, USA.


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