9th Annual Arryman Symposium 2021

Posted: 04-06-2021 | ISRSF
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This is a video of 9 th Annual Arryman Symposium 2021. During the Symposium, Dr. Gde Metera an Arryman Scholar newly graduated  from Northwestern University presents a chapter of his dissertation regarding The New Order accommodation of Islam. Then, it is followed by  a Research Roundtable held with Arryman Scholar PhD Candidates: Yoes Kenawas (Political Science), Sabina Puspita (Political Science), and Wara Urwasi (Sociology).

Arryman Scholar Achievement

Posted: 20-04-2021 | ISRSF
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Sari Ratri has been awarded a Dissertation Fieldwork Grant in the amount of $20,000 by the Wenner-Gren Foundation for her research project entitled “Nourishing the Future: The Roles of Midwives in Indonesia’s Changing Health Development Policies.” The Wenner-Gren Foundation supports anthropological research and broadening the conversation in anthropology to reflect the full diversity of the field.  (Source: Elizabeth R. Morrissey, Northwestern University)

Arryman Scholar on Researching Religion and Politics

Posted: 07-03-2021 | ISRSF
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Arryman Scholar Gde Metera, PhD in Political Science, successfully defended his doctoral dissertation in December 2020 and he will graduate at the end of Winter Quarter 2021! Below he responds to questions about his research interests and his dissertation, Coercion in Search of Legitimacy: The Secular State, Religious Politics, and Religious Coercion in Indonesia Under the New Order, 1967-1998.


Arryman Scholars End 2020 on a High Note

Posted: 08-01-2021 | ISRSF
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EDGS and the Arryman Scholars Initiative are excited to share the accomplishments of some of our Arryman Scholars: Gde Metera, Sari Ratri, and Yoes Kenawas.

We are proud to announce that Gde Metera in Political Science successfully defended his doctoral thesis in December 2020!

Arryman Scholar Works Toward Gender Equality in Indonesian Higher Education

Posted: 08-01-2021 | ISRSF
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Arryman Scholar Sabina Puspita, PhD Candidate in Political Science, is working on improving gender equality in higher education with the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. Sabina is involved with the creation of a ministerial regulation against sexual violence in higher education in Indonesia, which is the first of its kind. Read more on Sabina's exciting and important work in the interview below.

2019 Arryman Fellow & 2020 Scholars Symposium

Posted: 29-05-2020 | ISRSF
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We welcome you to join us in virtually attending the 2019 Arryman Fellow and Scholars Symposium, Saturday May 30th 2020 at 8am (Chicago)/8pm (Jakarta).


7th International Symposium of Journal Anthropology Indonesia

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2019 Arryman Fellows Symposium,Jakarta 21 June 2019 About the conference
International Symposium of Journal Antropologi Indonesia (ISJAI) is a highly prestigious interdisciplinary annual conference held by the Journal Anthropology Indonesia, a journal published by Department of Anthropology, Universitas Indonesia since 1969. Specifically, it is the biggest and well-known international conference of anthropology in Indonesia. Hundreds of presenters came from various countries, present their field works or research on Indonesia in this conference.

2019 Arryman Symposium

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2019 Arryman Fellows Symposium,Jakarta 21 June 2019 The 2019 Arryman Symposium organized by the Indonesian Research Support and Scholarship Foundation (ISRSF) was held on Friday 21 June 2019 at the Sequis Auditorium, Jakarta.. The Symposium is held annually as an opportunity to present the results of research and hard work by Arryman Fellows who has studied for one year at Northwestern University, USA.

ISRSF Siapkan Pendirian School of Public Policy and Social Science

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Jakarta, Beritasatu.com - Kalangan pemerhati politik, pengusaha, mahasiswa, akademisi, dan peneliti hadir dalam acara tahunan The 2019 Arryman Symposium yang diadakan oleh Yayasan Beasiswa dan Dukungan Penelitian Indonesia (ISRSF), di Sequis Center, Jakarta, Jumat (21/6/2019) malam.

Tiga Orang Mahasiswa Indonesia Paparkan Riset Kelas Dunia di Ajang Arryman Symposium ke-7

Posted: 25-06-2019 | ISRSF
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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - Yayasan Beasiswa dan Dukungan Penelitian Indonesia atau Indonesian Scholarship and Research Support Foundation (ISRSF) mengadakan Arryman Symposium yang ke-7 dengan dihadiri sejumlah pihak seperti Pemerhati politik, pengusaha, mahasiswa, akademisi dan peneliti di Gedung Sequis Center, Jakarta Selatan, Jumat (21/6/2019).