Arryman Symposium 2015 – Evanston

Posted: 17-05-2015 | ISRSF
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The three 2014 Arryman Fellows whose are Kadek Wara Urwasi, Sabina Satriyani Puspita and Yoes Chandra Kenawas, have already been accepted at Graduate School Northwestern University. Kadek was accepted in Sociology, and both Sabina and Yoes were accepted in Political Science.

Congratulation 2015 Arryman Fellows Winner

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By the end of March 2015, the selection committee of Arryman Fellows has made an announcement for the winner of 2015 Arryman Fellows. Norman Joshua, has graduated from University of Indonesia majoring in History respectively. Norman was the 2nd winner of 2014 ISRSF History Essay Competition so that he got a golden ticket for direct interview with the Selection committee of the Arryman Fellows.

Award Prize Ceremony for The Winner of Indonesia History Essay Competition

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As part of our endeavor to recruit the most promising candidates for Arryman Fellowship, in 2014 ISRSF conducts two essay competitions. The Prize Awarding Ceremony to the essay Winners and Honorable Mention were held on Thursday, February 12, 2015. The ceremony were attended by the Media, The Panel Judges, Foundation Board Member, The Winners and Honorable mention.

ISRSF Essay Competition Winners

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The Arryman Fellows and Scholars study with Prof. Rudolf Mrazek

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In the fall of 2014, the Arryman Fellows and Scholars had an opportunity to study with Prof. Rudolf Mrazek, emeritus professor from the University of Michigan, who was in residence at Northwestern University as the EDGS Rajawali Scholar in Residence.  Prof. Mrazek is one of the world's leading scholars of Indonesian history.

ISRSF Essay Competition

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ISRSF invites young college graduates to participate in Indonesian History Essay Competition and Essay Competition for Indonesian Women. The Essay Competition Committee offers prizes – Rp 10,000,000, Rp 8,000,000 and 6,000,000 – to three winners of each competition. In addition, all winners are eligible to become shortlisted candidates for 2015 Arryman Fellows selection in March 2015, if they wish.

2013 Arryman Fellows Papers

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  • Luthfi Adam - Transformation of Dress and National Subject Formation of the Indonesian Commoners in the Colonial Period
  • Muhammad Fajar - The Durability of Sub-National Political Leaders in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia
  • Najmu Laila Sopian - Power Struggle Over Land: Decentralization, Land Tenure Security, and the Rule of Law in Indonesia
  • Rahardhika Utama - How Bureaucracy Affects Inequality: The Case of Post-Authoritarian Indonesia

Three 2014 Arryman Fellows Depart for Northwestern University

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2014_dep.jpegThree 2014 Arryman Fellows – Kadek Wara Urwasi, Sabina Puspita Satriyani and Yoes Chandra Kenawas – departed Jakarta for Chicago on July 1, 2014.  Upon their arrival in Chicago, the three Arryman Fellows will join the International Summer Institute (ISI) at Northwestern University. The program aims to help incoming international students to improve their English language skills and to get acquainted to American life and academic environment.

The 2014 Arryman Symposium

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The 2014 Arryman Symposium was held on June 21, 2014, at the Ford Foundation Auditorium in Jakarta.

This year’s Arryman Fellows presented the following academic papers:

  • Luthfi Adam: “Transformation of Dress and National Subject Formation of Indonesian People in the Colonial Period.” The discussant of his paper is Prof. Manneke Budiman, University of Indonesia.
  • Muhammad Fajar: “The Durability of Sub-national Political Leaders in Post-authoritarian Indonesia.” The discussant of his paper is Prof. Edward Gibson, Northwestern University.
  • Najmu Sopian: “Power Struggle over Land: Decentralization, Land Tenure Security, and the Rule of Law in Indonesia.” The discussant of her paper is Prof. William Hurst, Northwestern University.
  • Rahardhika Utama: “The Impact of Bureaucratic Clientelism on Inequality, the Cases of Post-authoritarian Indonesia.” The discussant of his paper is Prof. Jordan Gans-Morse, Northwestern University.

Congrats to our New Scholars

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On 2013 we have Gde submitted to Phd Program. We're so glad that on 2014 all 2013 Arryman Fellows were submitted to Phd Program, and Hipo  the 2012 Arryman Fellows were submitted too this year!