English Short Course for the 2014 Arryman Fellows

Posted: 29-08-2014 | Yoes Kenawas

English short course for the 2014 Arryman Fellows offers an interesting way to adapt with the local culture. 

The Arryman's Summer

Posted: 23-08-2014 | Rahardhika Utama

I feel that I am a particularly lucky student to have a chance to be an Arryman Fellow. The Arryman Fellowship that has enabled me to attend Northwestern University is a well-designed program to prepare me to be a full time graduate student.  People might say that the first months living in the United States to start in higher education is a challenging experience, but I would say that I have a different story.


Run for Walk Race

Posted: 01-08-2014 | Sabina Puspita

On Sunday, July 27, I joined the 3rd Run For Walk Race organized by Northwestern University (NU). The race was a 4.1mile (approximately 6.6kilometers) run starting from Ryan Field or NU’s grand football stadium, then along the campus’ lake and Sports Pavilion and Aquatics Center (SPAC), and back again to Ryan Field.

Tastes of Illinois

Posted: 19-07-2014 | Sabina Puspita

It has only been my third week in the U.S., yet I have done quite many exciting activities. The four main activities that I wish to highlight are Indonesia’s Presidential Election Day, “Taste of Chicago” food festival, “Iftar in the Synagogue”, and Baha’i House of Worship tour. Within such a short period of time, I have gained a tremendous amount of lessons and I thought they needed to be organized and shared in this blog.

Reflections from My First 4th of July

Posted: 12-07-2014 | Sabina Puspita

On my first ever American 4th of July, I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to connect with Lucas and Mary Helen, perhaps one of America’s loveliest couples. They had given Yoes (my colleague) and me the perfect 4th of July celebration by taking us to watch the annual Evanston parade in the afternoon and fireworks in the evening. From this experience, I would like to focus more on the parade which thrilled me the most.

New Beginning

Posted: 05-07-2014 | Sabina Puspita

Who would have thought that I would land my feet on U.S. soil? Two days ago, I finally did that. Prayers for “protection from mechanical failure and violent storms” (Chan, 2007) were delivered from Soekarno-Hatta Airport and I landed safely with colleagues, Yoes and Wara, at O’Hare Airport.