Sabina Satriyani Puspita

  • Sabina is the Deputy Director at the Monash Herb Feith Indonesian Engagement Centre and a Research Fellow at the Monash Indonesia Institute for Advanced Research.
  • She holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Northwestern University and specializes in democratization, social movements, and gender politics.Her dissertation, “The Butterfly Effect,” explores the women's movement and its impact on gender equality policies in Indonesia. Sabina has served as a policy analyst for Indonesia's Ministry of Education, leading initiatives to combat sexual violence in higher education.
  • In the academic arena, Sabina is an influential voice, publishing research and presenting at international conferences. She has also taught at Monash University and served as a Teaching Assistant at Northwestern University.
  • Notably, Sabina has been honored with various scholarships, fellowships, and awards, including being named a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Gender and Sexuality Studies in the University of Indonesia.
  • She is multilingual, proficient in Mandarin, English, and Bahasa Indonesia, with professional experience as a Secretary/Interpreter and Freelance Translator.